COOUMSA is a circle of great minds on the voyage to uncover the hidden secrets of conquering all the agents of human mortality. Your life is precious that's why we train hard to protect it.

Super Amazing People

This is super corny. But before, I thought that COOU medical students were a bunch of nerds, and they are! I spent 30 minutes yesterday in a hole reading about different muscles. But at the same time, while COOUMSITES are similar in that they’re generally pretty driven, they’re incredibly diverse. So many people are doing so many different things, which is pretty cool, so you end up learning a ton from each other.

Unrivaled Freedom

The “ability to do whatever” doesn’t mean that you can like rob a bank. That’s highly illegal. But what that does mean is that because COOUMSA offers such a breadth of academic and extracurricular opportunities, you will be able to immerse yourself in whatever interests you.

Mind Blowing Resources

Our medical students are provided with a gargantuan amount of resources. To start with, the COOUCOM library system is one of the best in Nigeria with thousands of books. We have all we need to kick ass in the medical field and become superheroes saving patients from the grave.

Brainy Lecturers

If you think that you will become a great medical doctor without being taught by elites, you are living in a fool's island. Our lecturers are academic luminaries and the primus inter pares of their field.


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